Statement of Purpose

Presbyterian Ladies’ College prepares every student to be personally successful in an evolving world.

Vision: Empowering generations of young women who are brave, authentic, and who thrive today and tomorrow.

Our Values

PLC is a values-based community. Staff, students, and parents subscribe to our values upon becoming members of the College. These values provide the compass by which members of the community come together to support one another and be of service to others.

Integrity (Honore)

Strong ethical values make truth, compassion, respect and moral courage highly-valued attitudes which are modeled every day. Integrity and a strong sense of social justice is particularly demonstrated through a commitment to celebrating diversity including reconciliation for Indigenous peoples of Australia and striving for equal opportunities for women.


We gain knowledge and explore intellectual challenges and are inspired to value learning as inquirers, thinkers, risk-takers, communicators and through self-reflection. Students develop an understanding of themselves, their community and the world around them through a balance of academic, social, cultural and spiritual enquiry and physical pursuits.


We value participation as an active means of making friends and building mutual understanding, showing care, support, respect and an open mind to recognise everyone’s value and contributions. The value of belonging to a community is in accepting rights and responsibilities and recognising that with privilege comes an individual and collective responsibility for the common good.

Effort (Labore)

We recognise that little is achieved without effort and we encourage students to strive and achieve their best. Confidence, resilience and boldness develop through a culture of participation, a get-up-and-go attitude, having the courage to try new things, managing unfamiliar situations, learning from mistakes in a supportive environment and having opportunities to discover personal strengths.