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At PLC, it's personal.

In the face of rapid technological advancements and societal changes, a future-focussed education is imperative for preparing young people to navigate the complex challenges of the present and the unknown opportunities of tomorrow.

As we embrace a future-focussed approach to education at PLC, our four Strategic Pillars shape who we are and defines your daughter’s learning journey. These pillars serve as guiding principles, reflecting our commitment to providing a transformative educational experience. 

  • Lead Authentically

We nurture your daughter for who she is and how she sees herself. She will be known, valued, and encouraged to lead herself in pursuing her unique passions.

  • Learning Takes Many Paths

We set a mandate to explore passion.

When education stands as the preparation for a unique and varied existence your daughter can be guided to see for herself. Your daughter will grant herself permission to embrace challenge and have a go.

  • Balance Defines Us

We are resolute in the belief that education is where real privilege lies. We strive to unlock an educational worldview, and every day we value an open and diverse culture.

PLC is a school with a social conscience, that supports efforts to “leave the place better”. Your daughter can take small steps to make real changes.

  • Our Past Moves Us Forward

Our heritage informs our culture, and we protect our permission to evolve. PLC is a school where oversight and scrutiny go hand-in-hand with an evolutionary mindset.

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Connected community

We welcome parents, guardians, grandparents, family, Old Collegians, staff members, and the wider community to be part of our special community.

From a quiet corner of Peppermint Grove, Western Australia, Presbyterian Ladies' College is nurturing inquisitive girls with a global outlook.

We are located at:

14 McNeil Street
Peppermint Grove
WA 6011