We work hard to keep our connections alive.

With a dedicated reunion and event programme, the School ensures a long lasting relationship is established with past students who are located locally, interstate and globally. Annual events, such as the Alumni Connect Breakfast, bring together past students from Scotch College and PLC to network and give an opportunity to hear eminent speakers. Younger graduates one year out of School, return as Year 13 for a lunch as their first reunion, and these continued re-connections take place every ten years maintaining their strong ties with School.

The Easter Service and the Founders’ Day Service run annually to celebrate the ethos of the School, whilst the Annual OCA Art Exhibition provides a chance for past students and community members to come together to view work by artists who are Old Collegians or connected to Old Collegians. The OCA also facilitates the Welcome Lunch for daughters of PLC Old Collegians starting at PLC, together with their parents.


Notice of Meeting and Explanation of Proposed Constitutional Changes

Click here to download the Notice of Meeting for the 2018 Annual General Meeting

This year, the PLCOCA proposes that the Constitution of the organisation be amended. The reason for the proposed changes is that the legislation that governs associations like the PLCOCA has recently been repealed and replaced. This means the OCA needs to update its Constitution to ensure it is compliant with the new law. It is practical for the OCA to undertake this task at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

At the same time, it makes sense for the OCA to consider other changes to the Constitution that will improve efficiency, procedures and governance for the Association, improve record keeping security, improve privacy of member information, and ensure consistency of all sections of the Constitution.

It is proposed to pass a motion adopting the amendments required by law as one (Motion 1), and consider other proposed discretionary changes as separate motions (Motions 2 to 9).

Proposed amendments

The following documents pertaining to the AGM, are listed below for download:

Additional documents:

  • A proxy form should you be unable to attend the meeting but want to vote on the proposed changes.

If you have any questions about the Notice or Explanatory Memorandum please contact Sascha Hill on 9424 6444 or at oca@plc.wa.edu.au