“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel”

PLC consistently enjoys outstanding academic results which reflect the hard work of our girls and the committed staff who support them each day.

Excellence underpins everything we do and our outstanding reputation for academia flows from high-end results that students achieve in WACE and IB Diploma each year.

PLC girls have the confidence and conviction that women can, and should, make a difference in the world.

PLC Students Excel – One of the Top Schools in WA

PLC is an open-entry school, yet our exceptional programmes, staff and learning environment ensure students consistently achieve outstanding academic results, well above both state and national averages.

2012 marked an important stage in the history of the School, with the first cohort of IB Diploma students graduating with outstanding results on the world stage, ranking well beyond the global mean.

Our WACE students also excel. We consistently achieve high results with over 50% of PLC students performing in the top 10% of the State. We believe our students achieve these results through the first-class standard of teaching as well as an environment that lends itself to knowledge.

We take great satisfaction in sending our Year 12 graduates into the world equipped with an appreciation of intellectual challenge and a love of lifelong learning. They develop the confidence to question, challenge and be creative. They become critical, compassionate thinkers and assume responsibility for their own learning while becoming informed and engaged participants in local and global issues.

While tables do not dictate the culture of a school, the consequence of happy, connected students certainly leads to better academic outcomes for all students regardless of their chosen pathway.

Personalised Learning

Each Senior School year group and the Junior School will have their own Pastoral and Academic Care Co-ordinators. These educational experts will work with the Director of Learning to ensure academic progress is comprehensively tracked. This will allow interventions and strategies to be implemented where appropriate.

A state-of-the-art computer software package will analyse student data and support the growth and development of all girls academically. Results will be mapped against other testing that the School holds and allow for even greater personalisation.