Our caring, committed, and friendly staff, create an atmosphere that is warm and inclusive.

Our staff are passionate about boarding. We aim to develop a community of service-driven, resilient young women within the PLC Boarding House and our staff are professionals in their field and confident in their ability to both support and challenge students to be their best selves, and provide a safe and inclusive environment for them to thrive in. We are committed to ensuring that each girl feels that she is known, cared for and valued as an individual

Our staff bring an extraordinary range of skills to the boarding community and come from a vast array of backgrounds and experiences. In short, our staff have:

  • Years of experience working in boarding communities, or have been boarders themselves
  • Taught at a number of schools
  • Worked and gained experiences internationally and nationally
  • Have a diverse array of university qualifications including Degrees in Business, Journalism, Mathematics and Science Education, Music, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Performing Arts, Physiotherapy, Primary Education, and Social Work.
  • Have families themselves

Our staff are committed to boarding as their profession and providing the best care to the PLC boarders.

Pastoral care is at our core

The Boarding House has implemented a staff structure to enable the girls in their care to flourish. Each year group is linked with a Year Co-ordinator. They are responsible for managing their year group’s day-to-day emotional, social, health, and academic needs. Primarily their role is to keep the boarders in their care safe, healthy, and happy and to encourage them to be socially responsible. The Year Co-ordinator is the first point of contact for parents. Each year group also has a year assistant who is with the year group when the coordinator is not, this ensures continuity of care and support for the boarders throughout their time.

Extra support is also provided by our Deputy: Pastoral Care and Wellbeing and Director of Boarding, who both have pastoral care backgrounds. The Boarding House staff work very closely with the School staff to ensure that the transition between school and boarding is seamless. Regular meetings between the Boarding Staff, Head of Senior School, Pastoral and Academic Care Co-ordinators, School Psychologists, and School Nurses, also ensure communication channels are open and we are all working towards a common goal.