By making a gift to the Scholarship Fund you are offering a deserving young girl the chance to benefit from the experience of a PLC education, preparing her to take her place in the world.

Thank you to everyone who has generously contributed to the PLC Scholarship Fund this year.

Recently, two extraordinary families from our PLC community contacted the Principal to advise that they wished to provide a scholarship to pay the tuition fees for a day girl from Year 7 through to graduation. They would like the scholarship to be given to a girl whose family, due to financial constraint, could not otherwise send their daughter to PLC. They would like the recipient to be academically sound and also have the temperament to benefit from everything the school has to offer.

Combined, these two families have had five daughters study at PLC; both of their youngest daughters will be graduating this year. They felt they would like to do something to signify their gratitude to the School. It has been their experience that girls get the best out of PLC if they (and their parents) try to participate in all of the academic and non-academic programmes on offer. For this reason they would like the recipient to be someone who would benefit from everything that PLC has to offer.

We are very happy to announce that applications for the PLC Foundation scholarship applications have re-opened for a place at PLC in 2019.

Meet some of our Foundation Scholarship recipients



PLC Foundation Pledge Form - Scholarships 2018.pdf 1mb

Foundation Scholarship Recipients


Taleisha Hurford Year 7


Bryzlyn SinYear 8


Claudia TedjasaputraYear 10


Halimah ZainiYear 11


Clare WrayYear 12


Enya ZankhariaYear 12


Sonya FrossineYear 12


Shelby HeidrichYear 7

PLC Foundation also supports a Year 9 student.




2017 Scholarship Fundraising Campaign Recipients


Jemma WarrenYear 7


Sioni ZankhariaYear 9


Cassidy EmmottYear 10

Information on applying for a Foundation Scholarship can be found here.