By making a gift to the Scholarship Fund you are offering a deserving young girl the chance to benefit from the experience of a PLC education, preparing her to take her place in the world.

In 2011 the first Foundation Scholarship was awarded to Tabitha Malet, commencing in Year 7. In 2016 Tabitha became the first Year 7 to 12 PLC Foundation Scholarship awardee to graduate. Tabitha has made the most of her PLC experience achieving a myriad of awards including receiving Pockets in Literature, Debating, Public Speaking, Arts Participation, Music Participation, Combined Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Chorale and Service.

"I would say to others thinking of applying for a scholarship that they should, it's a really good idea and to those who have given me the scholarship and this opportunity, I'd like to say thank you, thank you for allowing me to be here and allowing me to become the person I've become".


Tabitha is not the only Scholarship beneficiary to talk in glowing terms of The Foundation’s generosity.

“I have a new world to explore, one that I will remember for the rest of my life. PLC is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I just can’t believe I’m here! I don’t have enough thanks for all the people who made this opportunity possible.” - Clare Wray

“PLC is great! The girls and teachers are so lovely and helpful. The subjects are great and PLC has amazing facilities. I’m so glad I won the Scholarship and I’m thankful for all the opportunities already and I can’t wait for those ahead.” - Jordenne Mills

In 2017 PLC will welcome the latest Scholarship recipient into Year 7, Bryzlyn Sin. After meeting with the Principal, touring the School and learning the good news, Bryzlyn’s Mum declared: “This is the best day of our lives, we will never forget today”.

For further details on the Scholarship application criteria or to apply, please click here.

Donations made to Scholarships and Building are tax deductible.


Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Sin, Bryzlyn.jpg

Bryzlyn SinYear 7

Hoong, Dorjesem.jpg

Tian HoongYear 8

Tedjasaputra, Claudia.jpg

Claudia TedjasaputraYear 11

Zaini, Halimah.jpg

Halimah ZainiYear 10

Wray, Clare.jpg

Clare WrayYear 11

Zankharia, Enya.jpg

Enya ZankhariaYear 11

Frossine, Sonya.jpg

Sonya FrossineYear 11

Mills, Jordenne.jpg

Jordenne MillsYear 12

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Information on applying for a Foundation Scholarship can be found here.