PLC Lighthouse is pleased to be partnering with a number of local providers and allied health professionals to deliver a suite of services that will support the health and wellbeing of the PLC community.

We believe that an alliance with these professionals complements a holistic approach to wellbeing and will deliver a best practice model of collaboration between the allied health professionals, PLC Staff and parents.

Read more about what services are available and how you can book appointments for your child below.

Please note PLC Lighthouse allied health professionals are available for current PLC students only.


Cottesloe Sports Physio has a reputation for working with Australia’s best athletes to keep them in peak condition, and treating ‘regular people’ and aspiring athletes with exactly the same standard of service and attention.

Cottesloe Sports Physio specialities include:

– Acute and chronic pain conditions including back, neck and shoulders.

– Sporting injuries, for example the hip, knee and ankle joints, hamstring, groin and calf muscles.

– Sporting performance enhancement and recovery programmes.

– Back problems: low back pain and sciatica, thoracic and rib problems, whiplash, neck pain and headaches.

– Adolescent injuries and ‘growing pains’.

– Post-operative shoulder rehabilitation programmes.

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Speech Pathology

Leanne Allen is a Speech Therapist, specialising in speech, language and literacy problems in the 3-15 year-old range.

Leanne has over 25 years of experience in the field, working for a number of years in special needs schools for children with developmental and learning difficulties, prior to commencing work in private practice.

Email to find out more and to book an appointment. 


Occupational Therapy

Dove Occupational Therapy is a paediatric occupational therapy practice specialising in the assessment, intervention and evaluation of children aged 3 – 18 years. Dove help develop students’ cognitive, motor, sensory and psychosocial skills in a fun therapeutic environment.

Email to find out more and to book an appointment. 


Daleen Engelbrecht (Lead Psychologist)

Daleen is PLC’s Lead Psychologist. She is passionate about her work as a psychologist, particularly supporting students to develop leadership, resilience and life skills. Learn more about Daleen here.


Danay Savva (Junior School)

Danay is a Clinical/School Psychologist catering specifically to Junior School students. Her main area of interest are the concepts of Strength-Based Parenting (Dr Lea Waters), fostering self-compassion and establishing/supporting a growth mind-set. Learn more about Danay here.

Email to book an appointment.

Nicole Agar (Years 7 – 9)

Nicole is a past PLC student and has over 20 years experience as a Registered Psychologist and has worked in both private and public schools, locally and overseas. Learn more about Nicole here.

Email to book an appointment.

Jessica Lethbridge (Years 10 – 12)

Jessica is a Clinical Psychologist catering specifically to Senior School students. She is passionate about working with students to provide them with the knowledge and skills that will help them through school and life. Learn more about Jessica here.

Email to book an appointment.