PLC Lighthouse is pleased to be partnering with a number of local providers and allied health professionals to deliver a suite of services that will support the health and wellbeing of the PLC community.

We are pleased to offer these allied health services to PLC students, staff, and parents.


Occupational Therapy

Dove Occupational Therapy is a paediatric occupational therapy practice specialising in the assessment, intervention and evaluation of children aged 3 – 18 years. Dove help develop students’ cognitive, motor, sensory and psychosocial skills in a fun therapeutic environment.

Please download a Referral Form and fill it out and return it to your classroom teacher or LEC team member.


Lead Psychologist

Daleen Engelbrecht
Ph: (08) 9460 6126
Mob: 0487 376 746

Senior School Psychologists

Nicole Agar
Ph: (08) 9460 6146
Mob: 0487 389 036

Claudia Del Borrello
Ph: (08) 9460 4116
Mob: 0487 434 516

Junior School Psychologist

Ariana Balalas
Ph: (08) 9460 6136


Cottesloe Sports Physiotherapy is providing a unique service at PLC for students and the wider PLC community.

PLC students, staff, and parents can access the service. This enables students and staff to walk to their appointment reducing time lost at work and school. If parents are unable to attend a treatment session with their child, a report including diagnosis, treatment, and plan is emailed to parents.

Treatment also includes:

  • Group gym sessions for girls with hypermobility, knee pain, and specific injuries
  • Communication with sports staff if modifications are required for sports during or after school; and
  • Referrals to appropriate medical staff and recommendations of scans, if required.

The service is staffed by two experienced Sports Physiotherapists, Brett Slocombe and Jo Norcott who both have extensive experience and travel with Australian sporting teams, including the Australian Olympic Swimming and Kayak Teams.

Treatment and management of the following:

  • Sporting injuries, neck, back, or any musculoskeletal pain
  • Posture correction
  • Assessment for hypermobility and scoliosis
  • Screening for injury prevention and strengthening/performance enhancement; and
  • Group classes in the Lighthouse Gymnasium for specific rehab for knee pain and other injuries

To make a physiotherapy appointment, please click here

Download Parent Permission Form

Speech Pathology

Fremantle Speech Pathology Services is a dynamic practice that has been providing services to individuals with speech, language, and literacy difficulties since 1987. They provide intervention that is evidence-based and draws from the current research. Their therapists are trained in several gold-standard evidence-based therapy programmes to best support the needs of their clients.

Fremantle Speech Pathology Services
1/14 Cockburn Road Hamilton Hill WA
Ph: (08) 9433 4595

Please download a Referral Form and fill it out and return it to your classroom teacher or LEC team member.