PLC has a reputation as a leader in the education sector for innovations in ILT.

Our School was the first in Western Australia and one of the first schools nationally to implement a laptop programme for students in 1994. PLC has been recognised for its innovations in Information Learning Technologies, being named an Apple Distinguished School and Cisco Exemplar School. Apple does not give this recognition lightly and is specific recognition of the following criteria:

  • Innovative leadership
  • Innovation teaching and learning
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Compelling evidence of success; and
  • Flexible learning environment.

Technology provides the means and the context to help students become skilful problem-solvers who can appreciate the role of technology in everyday life and society and who can respond critically and resourcefully to real‑life challenges. Technology assists to:

  • Challenge all students to apply practical and creative‑thinking skills to solve problems utilising technology.
  • Encourage students to explore the role of technology in both historical and contemporary contexts.
  • Raise students’ awareness of their responsibilities as world citizens when making decisions and taking action on technology issues.
  • Use and apply Information and Learning Technologies (ILT) effectively as a means to access, process and communicate information, and to solve problems.
  • Encourage students to be independent and proactive managing modern technologies and service in a supported and supportive environment.

PLC has one of the highest internet capacity of any educational facility (comparable to universities) in Australia with a 10 Gbps link provided by AARNet (Australian Academic Research Network). This allows PLC to offer more resources and access to its students which is vitally important in an interconnected world. It gives local students complete access to an international perspective like no other.

The internet capacity fully supports our partnership with Cisco. This partnership provides access to high level technical support and professional development. We have upgraded our systems to fully support video conferencing which has already allowed PLC students to engage with students and teaching and technical staff to network and learn from colleagues from all over the world.