Early childhood is an important time for wellbeing as it impacts on future physical and mental health and wellbeing, as well as relationships and educational success (Hunter Institute of Mental Health, 2014).

Given this critical time of development, PLC has launched Lighthouse Beginners (0-5 years) to support child wellbeing and develop critical skills from the earliest opportunity.

Lighthouse Beginners is open to all community members!

The Lighthouse Beginners programme provides a number of classes designed to nurture your child to be happy, confident, creative and ready to learn. Through art, toddlers will develop literacy and self expression, while building self esteem and resilience. Most importantly, these classes open neural pathways to lay foundation for learning and emotional wellbeing.

Term 1 Beginners Classes

Signing Hands (4 months - 5 years)

A fun course aimed at teaching key Auslan signs to help your baby/toddler communicate their needs and desires clearly, without crying or tantrums.

Your child will learn basic signs through stories, songs, rhymes and play.

Monday afternoons.

Community Room
Ground Floor, PLC Lighthouse (McNeil Street, Peppermint Grove)

For more information or to book, please email debbie@signinghands.com.au