Please find below our registration requirements:

1. Enquiry

Contact the Admissions Team by emailing to check availability of a place.
Access our International Student Fee Schedule.

2. Testing

Sit the AEAS Test and include results with your application.

3. Application

Make an online application to enrol your daughter. Include:

  • Completed application form and application fee ($150)
  • AEAS Test Results
  • A copy of your daughter’s birth certificate
  • A copy of passport page with name, photo identification, passport number and expiry date
  • A copy of recent school reports
  • Completed Local Carer Form

AEAS Testing

All non-English speaking international students seeking a place at PLC must be tested by Australian Education Assessment Services. The AEAS test provides an educational profile on each student and covers English language ability, non-verbal reasoning ability and mathematics reasoning ability.

It must be stressed that a student’s level of English language ability is a major factor in determining whether a place can be offered at PLC. The AEAS Assessment does not depend on students reaching a fixed pass mark. AEAS Assessment results are compared with the student’s recent school reports and from this, PLC determines the minimum requirement for a student to be accepted. In some cases, PLC will recommend completion of an English language bridging programme (ELICOS) before acceptance into the School.

A satisfactory result in the test does not guarantee a place at PLC. The firm offer of a place depends upon a vacancy being available at the School and in the Boarding House and a number of other factors. We give each applicant careful consideration but the demand for places is high and, reluctantly, we are forced to disappoint some applicants.

Guardian/Local Carer

At time of application, nominate a bona fide guardian/local carer who must be at least 25 years of age and a permanent metropolitan resident of Perth. Local Carers perform a vital role, acting on your behalf when your daughter is not under the direct supervision of the School, therefore the Local Carer should be related to your daughter or be a family friend. The selection of a Local Carer is an important parental responsibility and is a condition of your daughter’s enrolment at the School.

PLC requires all international students to reside in the PLC Boarding House unless they are living with a blood relative. Should you need assistance in identifying a local Guardian, please contact the Admissions Team.

4. Meeting

The Admissions staff will set up a mutually convenient time to meet with either the Head of Junior School or Head of Senior School either in person or online (if not currently in Western Australia), as well as a member of the Learning Enrichment Centre team.

The student’s level of entry (and course selection in Senior School) will be determined in close consultation between the Head of School and the Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator of the relevant sub-school. The student’s age, AEAS Testing and academic reports will also form part of the decision process.

5. Offer of a Place

The School will issue a formal letter of offer once satisfied with the meeting, the submitted documentation and test results. If an ELICOS course is required prior to entry, the offer will be conditional upon the student reaching the required level. The offer of a place will include the Written Agreement and PLC Conditions of Entry and Continuing Enrolment.

CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) & CAAW (Welfare Letter)

PLC will issue an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) and Student Welfare Letter (CAAW) upon receipt of the following:

  • Signed Written Agreement between PLC and the family
  • Payment of the amount quoted in Offer – which includes PLC’s Acceptance Fee and advance payment of tuition fees of one semester. Please refer to our current Fee Schedule for International Students. If the enrolment does not proceed, a refund will be made (as per the School’s Refund Policy).

6. Applying for a Student Visa

Families are required to submit a student visa application to the Department of Home Affairs. Details of the application process are available at your nearest Australian Embassy or High Commission. They are also available on the Department of Home Affairs website.

PLC staff are not qualified to assist with the visa process, or influence, or guarantee the outcome of an individual application. PLC cannot guarantee the outcome of a visa application. If the visa application is refused, the School’s Refund Policy will apply. Undertaking a course at PLC is strictly for Primary or Secondary Education studies – and the courses in no way provide a pathway to Australian residency.

There are conditions on your visa you must follow to be allowed to study in Australia. The main conditions are that you must:

  • maintain satisfactory attendance;
  • achieve satisfactory academic results;
  • continue to be enrolled in a registered course;
  • not change education provider within the first 6 months of your principal course, or before the end of that course if it is for less than 12 months;
  • notify your education provider of your address within seven days of arriving in Australia, and within seven days of any change in your address;
  • notify your original educational provider if you change to a new education provider within seven days of obtaining your new certificate of enrolment; and
  • maintain OSHC

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