PLC Boarding Preparation Programme

The journey in boarding commences prior to the start of the new school year. We have programmes to help pave the way and make the transition to boarding as smooth as possible.


About Being Connected, or ABC@PLC for short, is a unique programme designed specifically for our incoming boarders. It aims to help the students in making connections with each other, connections with teachers and connections with and through technology prior to their arrival at the School.

ABC@PLC begins with an in-person get together for the incoming boarders on a Saturday in Term 3, the day after Senior School Orientation. The incoming boarders and their families get to meet each other, experience life in the Boarding House for the day, and also receive their own laptop to use for the programme. Our ABC@PLC Co-ordinator, Luxy Loxton, is an English teacher at the school and facilitates a trial lesson with the boarders on this day where students get to know each other better and learn how to use their computer. These ABC@PLC lessons continue weekly throughout Term 4. The lessons encourage relationships to be fostered between the boarders with all activities relating to getting to know each other and collaborating on the online platform.

We are thrilled with the success of ABC@PLC in both developing the boarders’ technological skills, confidence in their transition into boarding, and the supportive friendships and support networks which are developed. Feedback over the years has been overwhelmingly positive. One student said, “The start of the year was a lot more comfortable and relaxing – one less thing that I did not have to think about.” Another girl said, “I was so worried to leave Mum, but knew that I had people around to help and support me”. As a result of its success, ABC@PLC is now a very important part of our orientation process.

Boarding House Buddy System

Our buddy programme is designed to give new boarders a helping hand throughout their transition into boarding and develop friendships and support networks across multiple year levels. On arrival in Year 7, all boarders are assigned a buddy in Year 10 who will show them the ropes, support them through their transition into boarding and who will always endeavour to have her best interests at heart. This relationship continues to grow over the following three years, with students in Years 7, 8 and 9, continuing with their buddies in Years 10, 11 and 12, respectively. New boarders in subsequent years will also be provided with a buddy to continue the journey with, as well as a year group mentor who will support them during their transition into the Boarding House. Our Year 12 leadership group facilitate monthly buddy activities and catch-ups to continue to grow and foster these relationships.

Our buddy programme also gives buddies from higher years the opportunity to develop and nurture their leadership skills as well as their own interests. They will help their new boarder buddy to discover the best aspects of boarding, overcome the challenges, conquer their fears, and ultimately become their best selves.