In 2015, our Centenary year, the PLC Old Collegians’ Association undertook an initiative to launch the Inspiring Women Programme.

The Inspiring Women Programme endeavours to research, recognise and honour past PLC students who have achieved success in their chosen field, career or an area of personal pursuit that the OCA, as a committee, deem as being inspirational.

When the OCA committee started researching prospective recipients in 2015, with the assistance of the Archives Department at PLC, we were overwhelmed by just how many amazing women of all ages had passed through the College.

As such, rather than limit this project to PLC’s Centenary year, we decided to make celebrating our Inspiring Women an ongoing programme.

We have no particular criteria, other than to make the selection each year based on the individual having made a significant contribution in their chosen field or endeavour.

This honour roll to date, has included women in business and finance, sporting individuals, educators, medical and legal professionals, performing and visual artists and humanitarians, just to name a few, and the list is immense.

It is our purpose to bring to current PLC students and fellow Old Collegians some of these very accomplished and inspiring women, with the view that it may help to one day ignite the ‘spark’ that each and every one of us holds for contemplation and action into our own future endeavours whatever path you may take.

– Elizabeth Langsford (1983), OCA Committee Member



It is our great honour and pleasure to announce Georgie Smith (1986) as the 2017 OCA Inspiring Women’s recipient.

Georgie Smith (1986)

Georgie Smith is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, chef and designer, who grew up in Perth and graduated from PLC in 1986.

Georgie founded the non-profit organisation, A Sense of Home (ASOH), after her random act of kindness for an aged-out foster youth formed a model for a community based solution to an escalating crisis.

A Sense of Home is a non-profit organisation based in Los Angeles that is dedicated to creating homes, community and a new beginning for foster youth after exiting the foster-care system.

Foster youth exiting the system are more likely to become homeless or incarcerated than any other population (at a cost of $8billion/year to the tax payer).

In just three years, A Sense of Home has created 240 homes changing the trajectory of 320 young lives. Georgie has hired a staff of all former foster youth to run the organisation, empowering the once disenfranchised to become leaders of sustainable change.

In 2016, Georgie was honoured as a Top 10 CNN Hero for her pioneering, grassroots, community-building work. She was also nominated as one of seven 2017 “Sheroes” at the Women’s Choice Awards, and included in the 2017 global book and exhibit “200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World.”

ASOH is a model to be replicated around the US and the world. Georgie and fellow ASOH founder, Melissa Goddard, will soon launch a social enterprise that will benefit ASOH, aged-out foster youth and anyone creating their first ever home. Georgie is dedicated to building healthier, more loving communities from the ground up.

Prior to ASOH Georgie was a designer of new homes, interiors, landscapes and events. The events that Georgie creates also included her own unique culinary expression.

You can read more about Georgie and ASOH at her website.