2024 PLC Parents School Fee Raffle Drawn!

We extend our thanks to all families who participated in the inaugural PLC Parents School Fee Raffle.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Pia McKay
Ticket Number: #166

Russell Karlson
Ticket Number: #279

Identity withheld
Ticket Number: #288

PLC Parents raises funds to extend the opportunities available for students at PLC, as well as to support non-core curriculum staff initiatives. All net funds raised through the raffle will go towards funding the below initiatives in 2024. 

1. Be Heard Initiative (Performance microphones and audio)
We seek to acquire a comprehensive microphone package that can cater to PLC’s diverse array of events, ranging from grand productions and music showcases to the solemnity of speech nights and intimate smaller performances across both the Junior School and Senior School.

2. Moneyvest Money Confidence (Financial literacy programme, Years 11 – 12)
The ‘Money Confidence’ programme is an independent student financial well-being programme. We propose to start running this programme for our Years 11 and 12 students (300) in 2024, working on issues relevant to their age group and needs. 

3. 3D Printer and Filament (Digital Technologies students, Years 7 – 10)
With a 3D printer, students can develop skills, test out 3D models and prototypes, implement designs, and develop their real-world skills in a range of learning areas.

4. Go Green Sustainable Futures (Junior School sustainability projects)
We propose to implement a series of projects in the Junior School which provide both learning opportunities and sustainability impacts such as reducing waste, composting, and recycling.

5. AFL Playing Jerseys (New team jerseys for Years 7 – 12)
We are proud of PLC’s exceptional achievements in the last two years and wish to capitalise on this growth and enthusiasm with new jerseys. 

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