Each year PLC offers a number of cultural, language, recreational and service tours and exchanges for students.

Our tours and exchanges offer girls extension opportunities, both in terms of pursuing areas of interest as well as through meaningful contact with other students and with members of the local and global communities. All tours and exchanges provide opportunities for students to learn about themselves, about others and the world around them.

  • Service Tours - these programmes empower students to make a positive impact on the lives and communities of others less fortunate in Australia and around the world. Service programmes offer a unique chance to build relationships, knowledge and cultural understanding, which in turn can influence our students’ future opportunities in life.
  • Language Tours - these programmes provide a unique linguistic and cultural experience for those students wishing to further advance their study in a Language course in Years 11 and 12. Language tours are excellent in providing the opportunity for students to improve their listening and speaking skills in a language other than their mother tongue.
  • Sporting Tours – these programmes are designed to provide students who have a keen interest in sport to compete at a high level against Australian and International teams. The students will experience the dynamics of travelling with a touring sports team where preparation, nutrition and recovery are equally as important as the competition itself.
  • Exchange Programmes - these programmes enable students to gain the opportunity to take risks in a controlled environment, build their resilience and confidence, and develop the independence to become responsible travellers.

Our wonderful array of upcoming tours and exchanges can be found below:

Tours-and-Exchanges.pdf 14mb School Tours 2018 - 2021.pdf 127kb