Presbyterian Ladies’ College was founded in 1915 and has since sustained an international reputation for academic excellence and outstanding success in preparing young women to lead active, purposeful lives.

Evidence of our Scottish heritage is apparent throughout the beautiful Peppermint Grove campus as well as in the distinctive Blackwatch tartan uniform and PLC Pipe Band. However, perhaps the most significant legacy of our Scottish tradition is a belief in educational excellence, combined with a whole-of-person approach to intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development.

Today this continues to be the philosophical foundation on which a PLC education is based.

At PLC, every girl is given the opportunity to:

  • Develop an appreciation of intellectual challenge and a love of lifelong learning
  • Gain the confidence to question, challenge and be creative
  • Give and receive warmth and human understanding
  • Belong to a community in which to experience the beauty and joy of life itself.

PLC students are encouraged to become critical and compassionate thinkers, to assume responsibility for their own learning and to be informed and engaged participants in local and global issues.

Underlying these precepts is the conviction that women can, and should, make a difference in the world.