At PLC, wellbeing is fundamental to everything that we do; we want our students to thrive. Feeling good, functioning well and doing good for others is how PLC defines wellbeing.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Our youngest students start their wellbeing journey using Kimochis. Kimochi (KEY-MOE-CHEE) is a Japanese word meaning ‘feelings’. Kimochis look like toys but they are communication tools which give children the knowledge, skills and attitudes that they need to recognise and manage their emotions. The recognising of such emotions then lead to demonstrating care and concern for others; in establishing and building strong, positive relationships in a safe place of belonging, where all students flourish and grow together.

Pre-Primary – Year 2

Wellbeing in Pre-Primary to Year 2 is defined by acknowledging and identifying emotions and then being able to recognise how confident and responsive learners look, feel and interact with one another. Together with the IB Learner Profiles, School Pillars and Values, we use the “UR Strong” and “You Can Do It” programs. The students are equipped with explicit social and emotional strategies to assist them and in doing so, learn to make good choices and responsible decisions when managing challenging situations in a brave and constructive manner. Furthermore, these learnt strategies give the students a voice and cause them to feel safe in their learning environment. Our students begin to look out for others and the differences that they can make, through self-awareness of ones’ own actions, in building strong relationships with others.

Years 3 – 6

Wellbeing in Years 3 – 6 is defined by developing confident and responsive leaders, who strive to make a difference in the lives of others. Together with the IB Learner Profiles, School Pillars and Values, we use the “UR Strong” and “You Can Do It” programs, our students build and develop strong, positive relationships and use these understandings to grow in leadership and service to others. They understand that through leading of others, that individual growth and true self-reflection occurs. The students use the explicitly taught social and emotional strategies to give them the courage and confidence to become the best that they can be and in doing so, help others to do the same.

Wellbeing at PLC is all inclusive of the programmes and flexible learning spaces that we offer the students. These include the Lighthouse Wellbeing Curriculum, Protective Behaviours, Co-curricular activities and outdoor programmes of Wild Space in the Early Years and Outdoor Education Programmes from Years 3 – 6.