Lighting the way globally for wellbeing practices in education.

PLC Lighthouse will provide an anchor for students, staff and the PLC community to learn, experience and practise scientifically based wellbeing pathways. Establishing the PLC Lighthouse is integral to the College’s universal approach to wellbeing and will consolidate and strengthen the highly successful wellbeing programmes already being implemented at PLC.

The Lighthouse’s multidisciplinary mind body approach to wellbeing will encourage students' physical, psychological, social, expressive and spiritual needs to flourish.

Contemporary and flexible spaces include:

  • Meditation and contemplative rooms
  • Alternative learning areas
  • Consulting rooms for visiting specialists
  • Movement spaces
  • Creativity and expressive arts room
  • Workshop spaces
  • Dedicated nutrition areas.


PLC Lighthouse - Level 1 Lower Ground Floor Plan 367kb PLC Lighthouse - Level 2 Ground Floor Plan 399kb PLC Lighthouse - Level 3 Plan 295kb