Lighting the way forward for current and future students

At PLC we want students not just to succeed academically but to also thrive. Wellbeing is fundamental to everything we do.

Promoting wellbeing is linked to good mental health while also supporting student learning with well-established research suggesting that students with high levels of wellbeing academically benefit.

The PLC Lighthouse strengthens the highly successful wellbeing programmes currently being implemented at PLC and will provide a host of functional benefits to the School for many years to come.

Scheduled for completion in January 2018, PLC Lighthouse will provide an anchor for students, staff and the PLC community to learn, experience and practice scientifically based wellbeing pathways.

Establishing the Lighthouse is integral to the School’s universal approach to wellbeing and it will encourage students’ physical, psychological, social, expressive and spiritual needs to flourish.

State-of-the-art facilities

Just like science students need access to Bunsen burners and running water, students studying Health and Wellbeing should have access to purpose built facilities to put the skills they are being taught into practise.

That is why PLC Lighthouse will provide contemporary and flexible spaces for a range of purposes including:

  • A rooftop garden
  • Meditation and contemplative rooms
  • Alternative learning areas
  • Movement spaces
  • Fitness machines
  • Creativity and expressive arts room
  • Workshop spaces
  • Dedicated nutrition areas
  • Tailored 0-5 year old space
  • Consultation rooms for health professionals and complementary health therapies
  • Modern change rooms
  • A street facing café
  • The Director of Wellbeing, Chaplain, Senior School Psychologists and the Wellbeing and Service Coordinators will also be based in the Lighthouse.

These are specialist areas every student will use.

Extra benefits

Many functional benefits will be delivered along with the PLC Lighthouse. These include:

  • A sports deck on the second level will extend the School’s oval space by 2600sqm.
  • The Uniform Shop will be relocated to the PLC Lighthouse providing easier access for students and parents. It will also eliminate significant lease costs currently being paid for the Stirling Highway facility.
  • Commercial kitchen facilities designed for classroom use.
  • Sixty-five (65) additional car parking spaces.
  • Meeting and consultation spaces, allowing for allied health professionals to service the needs of our students.
  • Healthy food café, providing a place for students, staff and parents to enjoy a coffee or casual lunch on campus.
  • Eleven (11) new change rooms, a significant upgrade on our current facilities in the Hugh Beard Sports Centre.

Future spaces for growth

A major benefit of PLC Lighthouse is the decision to incorporate purpose-built maintenance facilities in the new development.

This will mean the current maintenance building on View Street, near the Arts and Technology centre, can be used for future capital works.

Already zoned for educational purposes, the land could be used to build a state-of-the-art auditorium, a world-class music centre or specialised learning facilities, depending on School priorities.

A1 Full Scheme_16.09.16.pdf 1mb PLC Lighthouse - Level 1 Lower Ground Floor Plan 367kb PLC Wellness Centre - S01 Lower Ground Site Plan_16-09-16.pdf 338kb PLC Lighthouse - Level 2 Ground Floor Plan 399kb PLC Lighthouse - Level 3 Plan 295kb PLC Wellness Centre - A04 Level 4 ROOFTOP GARDEN_16-09-16.pdf 272kb