Experiencing exciting adventures, developing skills and building life-long friendships

Our Boarding House Recreation Programme is second to none, and all-inclusive of boarding fees. This enables every boarder to get to experience sporting, leisure, and artistic adventures as well as develop strong friendships within our boarding community and with boarders from other schools. Every weekend is filled with activities for our boarders to sign up for and many of which our senior boarders lead! These activities include strawberry picking in the Swan Valley, glow volleyball, movies, sports centre games, crocheting workshops, bonfire night with Scotch, trips to the City and Claremont on the train, ice-skating, bowling, hair-braiding workshops, mini-golf, stand-up paddle boarding, beach trips and much, much, more.

We also have relationships with Storm Netball, Wolves Hockey, Mosman Park Tennis Club, North Cott Surf Life Saving Club, Silhouette Dance (Cottesloe), KX Pilates Studio, Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, and Funtrack tutoring to enable boarders to experience community sports and activities after school.

We run three programmes throughout the year so that the girls do not miss out on experiencing all that the environment has to offer.


“Quay2Quay” is a whole of boarding endeavour. The girls, over the course of their time in boarding, will walk from Elizabeth Quay in Perth to Victoria Quay in Fremantle – with plenty of highlights in between. Each year group will walk a specific part of the total walk, complete team-building activities along the way, and build many amazing memories and friendships. Completing the Quay2Quay is a rite of passage for the PLC boarders, and by the end of their boarding adventure, they will have seen and experienced all that Perth has to offer in this approximately 70 km journey.

Look Up and Life Series

“Look Up” is all about encouraging and enabling spontaneous activities within the student body. A staff member will gather the students and organise an activity in which they will participate. It may be conducted within or outside the confines of the School. Sometimes it might result in a walk to the beach and other times it might be playing a game of basketball or cards. As a result, the girls get to “look up” and see what is around them and enjoy the experience with other students and staff.

Our “Life Series” activities support our Boarding House wellbeing programme in providing skills that can support the girls to navigate their adult life. This includes learning how to navigate public transport, learning how to get around the City in the evening, and learning how to cook in our fully-stocked kitchen.

Boarders’ Employment Opportunities

We understand it is difficult for boarders to attain part-time employment compared to their day girl peers. At PLC, boarders in Year 11 and 12 can apply for jobs in the PLC Lighthouse before and after school, and as a lifeguard for the Boarding House once they have achieved their lifesaving qualifications.

Recreation and Activities

Recreation activities are an important part of what we offer to our boarders at PLC. The Boarding House provides a holistic recreation programme that is designed to not only provide opportunities for the girls to relax and experience new things, but also to allow them the time to mix with others.

The Activities programme is funded directly from boarding fees and covers the majority of the activities, events and workshops on offer. In some rare cases, activity opportunities (ranging from musical theatre performances to year group dinners) arise that we have not factored into our budget. In these cases, boarders will be given the opportunity to attend them and charge the cost to the school account.