Our chapel, with its beautiful stained glass window, is a sanctuary for reflection and is the spiritual centre of our School.

The spirit felt in these moments of reflection contributes to a sense of community, binding us together in love and respect. It is the sense of this spirit that is the foundation of our moral and ethical growth.

As a Uniting Church school (Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational Churches united to form the Uniting Church of Australia in 1977), PLC strives to establish a Christian ethos, however, accepts students of all faiths (or none). PLC embraces the rich spiritual life of children, encouraging students to explore the mystery of God and the secrets of the world around them.

Fortnightly chapel services (weekly for the Junior School) are led by the School Chaplain, who is available for counselling and guidance to pupils, teachers and the wider community. In Philosophy and Religious Studies lessons the girls are engaged in a range of spiritual, ethical and moral issues. A range of service learning opportunities allow for the practical expression of our faith and commitment to the wider PLC community.