Community and Service Learning Central To Our Curriculum.

The links between service and the curriculum allow students to relate the lessons of the classrooms to the realities of the outside world to apply what they have learned in the wider community. The programme encourages students to make connections between intellectual and social development, leading to action and reflection.

Supporting the Community

PLC girls are offered many opportunities to support community service projects:

– Individual initiatives toward College Service Leadership Achievements.

– House Tutor Group initiatives.

– Family Service Projects.

– Service Immersion Tours.

– Community-based fundraising appeals

Service Tours

Service Immersion Tours have become integral to Service Learning and are designed to inspire the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social development of our girls. Immersion is designed to deeply involve our girls – beyond their comfort zones, cross-culturally and through new relationships. These experiences often lead to the transformation of students’ intellectual and emotional view of the world.

Cambodia Service Immersion Tour

This tour focuses on developing service-learning programmes and opportunities that touch the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social development of our girls. Our PLC Community has a strong partnership with the Tabitha Foundation in Australia and Cambodia, achieving the building of 250 houses and funding 120 wells over the last nine years. Our PLC Community has also funded building a school by Tabitha for 600 children.

Kimberley Service and Cultural Tour

The Kimberley Service and Cultural Tour is a rich and extensive tour working with different partnerships with an added dimension of the services provided by Uptuyu Tours. Working in partnership with Indigenous Communities out of Derby; Imintji Community and Mowanjum Community. The tour will involve cultural immersion and history, service projects based around aged care, and assistance with the annual Mowanjum Festival. The major impact of this experience will be the participation, involvement and sharing in many aspects of Aboriginal culture and to build a greater depth of mutual understanding and respect.

PLC/Scotch Tanzania Expedition

Presbyterian Ladies’ College, in conjunction with Scotch College, conduct an expedition and service biannual tour to Tanzania during the Term 2 School holidays. This is open to Years 11 and 12 students in that travelling year. The Tanzania Expedition Tour promotes service learning and leadership, intercultural awareness, personal growth and development, relationship building and leadership. There is a fundraising component to the tour and students are required to spend time fundraising for the service projects and activities. Fundraising for Tanzania is generally done as a number of group events. The group aims to raise $20,000 AUD.

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