Community and Service Learning has become an integral part of the whole school with a comprehensive programme of activities available to girls.

One of the International Baccalaureate’s five areas of interaction, Community and Service Learning, is central to the curriculum at PLC. The links between service and the curriculum allow students to relate the lessons of the classrooms to the realities of the outside world to apply what they have learned in the wider community. The programme encourages students to make connections between intellectual and social development, leading to action and reflection.

Girls are offered many opportunities to support and/or initiate community service projects:

  • Individual initiatives toward College Service Leadership Achievements
  • House Tutor Group initiatives
  • Family Service Projects
  • Service Immersion Tours
  • Community-based fundraising appeals


PLC supports a number of community organisations through a variety of activities. For example:

  • Co-curricular service activities supporting Mosman Park Primary School, Good Samaritan Industries, Earth Carers environmental programme, Sportslink and aged-care facilities.
  • Family Service projects that allow girls and their parents to work together in support of such organisations as Amana Living, Royal Perth Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Manna Industries, Police and Community Youth Centres and Red Cross Soup Patrol.
  • Ongoing support of UnitingCare West appeals – womens’ refuge, homelessness, Indigenous education and Christmas support.
  • House Tutor Groups support over 45 community organisations through lunch-time events and other fundraising initiatives.
  • Individual students achieve awards such as Service Leadership Certificate (30 hours), Silver Badge (60 hours), Gold Badge (90 hours) and Pocket (140 hours).


Service Immersion Tours have become integral to Service Learning and are designed to inspire the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social development of our girls. Immersion is designed to deeply involve our girls – beyond their comfort zones, cross-culturally and through new relationships. These experiences often lead to the transformation of students’ intellectual and emotional view of the world.

PLC offers a number of opportunities to participate in Service Immersion:

  • Cambodia
  • Kimberley region
  • Tanzania