The House system at PLC, introduced in 1934, remains integral to pastoral care and developing a sense of belonging for generations of students.

Building community is a central value of PLC, and the House system is an instrumental part of the culture of the School. Every student and staff member is a member of one of the seven Houses. These Houses are named after past principals or important figures in the School’s history and are distinguished from one another by a different colour, emblem and motto.

House Colour Emblem Motto
Baird Orange White Cotton Grass Participate and progress
Carmichael Blue Scottish Thistle Play the game
Ferguson Red Sunflower Always move forward
McNeil Yellow Dryas Victory or death
Ross Black Chrysanthemum We came, we saw, we conquered
Stewart Green Royal Acorn Through difficulties to the heights
Summers Purple White Heather Aim high

Senior School House System 

Each House is led by a House Advisor and a team of Year 12 Officials who assist in encouraging girls to participate in a wide range of House Arts, Sports and Academic activities. They compete against other Houses in friendly, but passionate, rivalry.

Tutor groups are made up of girls of the same Year level in the same House. They meet daily in either their House Tutor rooms, Chapel or Year Group meetings. Girls remain in this Tutor Group, with the same House Tutor (a staff member), until they leave PLC. Their House will become their rock while they are at PLC as they will form very strong bonds with their House Tutor, the girls in their Tutor Group and the House at large. This system is steeped in the tradition of the School and is the key to making friends and feeling a part of the PLC culture. Opportunities presented by the House system also help girls to develop life skills of team work, leadership and commitment.

Junior School House System 

The Junior School House system is integral and an important aspect of  the life of the School. Each week students from Year 1 to 6 meet in their House for the purpose of building a caring and responsive community. House leaders plan a programme of activities to build relationships and to make connections across all year levels. The students delight in preparing war cries for Inter-House sporting events including athletics, swimming and cross country. Arts Week provides additional opportunities for students to work together as a House.