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The PLC Health Centre offers a friendly and compassionate service to your child when they need it.

Staffed by Registered Nurses, we are open from 07.45 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. Our facility, located in the Boarding House building, is well equipped with a treatment room, five beds and a private room.

For day students we are here to attend to emergencies and illness that arise during the school day. In addition, we work closely with parents of boarders to ensure your daughter’s health care is managed while she is away from home. We can assist with referrals, bookings and transport to appointments.

We provide support to parents and students who are managing a range of health conditions including asthma, anaphylaxis, epilepsy and diabetes. We are able to supervise and assist in the administration of medication should it be required during school hours.

Our Nurses work collaboratively with parents, school counsellors and PLC staff to ensure the needs of your child are met holistically.

Information regarding your child’s health is helpful in providing the best possible care. Parents are always welcome to contact us with any concerns.