Recreation and Activities

Recreation activities are an important part of what we offer to our boarders at PLC. The Boarding House provides a holistic recreation programme that is designed to not only provide opportunities for the girls to relax and experience new things, but also to allow them the time to mix with others.

The Activities programme is funded directly from boarding fees and covers the majoriy of the activities, events and workshops on offer. In some rare cases, activity opportunities (ranging from musical theatre performances to year group dinners) arise that we have not factored into our budget. In these cases boarders will be given the opportunity to attend them and charge the cost to the school account.

The Boarding House is a buzz of girls coming and going from Wolves Hockey Club, Storm Netball Club, WACA Girls’ Cricket, Claremont / Cottesloe Basketball, Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove Tennis Clubs, K2 Dance and the PLC Cricket and Boarders’ Football Team.

We also incorporate farm visits and a camping under the stars experience into our activities programme. These are not only a bonding experience for the girls, but provide an opportunity for overseas students and our city boarders to have a taste of farm life.


There are very few instances that you will be charged for transport whilst your daughter boards at PLC. We have a Boarding House bus driver and provide free transport to and from sport training sessions and fixtures. Your daughter will also be transported to and from all activities run by the Boarding House. We also provide free transport on the first and last day of term and the first and last day of the long weekend.

Medical Appointments

We have a number of medical facilities (physiotherapist, doctor, dentist) in the immediate area to which our Boarders have easy access. Our female medical appointments driver is available to accompany girls to medical appointments that are in a 10km radius of the School. The PLC Health Centre, in conjunction with Boarding Staff, will ensure follow up on care and medication.