Academic Support

We have a comprehensive tutoring programme available to boarders, led by teachers at PLC. On Monday to Thursday evenings during prep time, students are able to sign up for tutorials in their core subjects by current teachers from the school.

Our Learning Support Co-ordinator and PLC English teacher, Lynette Field, track the student’s academic progress and works with the day school staff and Year Co-ordinators to provide targeted support to our boarders. Sessions in study skills, procrastination busters, and year-specific seminars are also provided to support boarders through their academic journey.

We are committed to supporting students to form good learning habits with structured and supervised homework and study sessions on weeknights, with one staff member working with each year group. Students are also able to utilise the Library and school services in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.


There are very few instances that you will be charged for transport whilst your daughter boards at PLC. We have a Boarding House bus driver and provide free transport to and from sports training sessions and fixtures for specific teams. Your daughter will also be transported to and from all activities run by the Boarding House and the school. We also provide free transport on the first and last day of term and the first and last day of the long weekend.

Medical Appointments

We have a visiting Doctor from Mosman Park Family Practice who attends to the boarding students every Monday morning at the Boarding House as well as physiotherapists available on campus at the Light House. We also have several medical facilities (dentists, doctors, orthodontists) in the immediate area to which our Boarders have easy access. Our female medical appointments driver is available to accompany girls to medical appointments within a 10km radius of the School. The PLC Health Centre, in conjunction with the Boarding Staff, will ensure follow-up on care and medication.