Welcome to the PLC Senior School

At PLC, we recognise the individual and take a team approach to offer a personalised education.
The African Proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ informs our community approach in developing distinguished young women who are courageous, principled and resilient. This team approach is unique to PLC and allows for greater personalisation of all we do.

It is important to us that your daughter is known and valued and that her academic progress and wellbeing are monitored and developed. In the Senior School our staff work as a team to support your daughter’s development.

All Year groups in the Senior School have a Year Co-ordinator, a Wellbeing and Service Co-ordinator and a Learning Co-ordinator. These staff form the first point of contact for our girls and their families and bring to life the true value a connected community has in supporting and developing our girls.

Paired Year Groups

Pairing Years 7 – 8; 9 – 10; and 11 – 12 strengthens the development of targeted and age-appropriate academic, wellbeing, leadership, sports, arts and service programmes.

This supports our commitment to both Personalised Learning and Academic Achievement through designated, year-specific, senior staff. These staff are responsible for the day-to-day pastoral care, academic and wellbeing needs of individual students.

Academic Tracking

The Academic Co-ordinator who monitors your daughter’s learning progression and achievement will be the first point of contact for both you and your daughter on all academic matters.

The benefits of this programme include improved identification of any academic issues or extension requirements. This allows staff to support individual student needs through implementation of intervention programs and the creation and monitoring of academic benchmarks. The programme also includes study skills classes, learning profiling and free tutoring.

Introducing PLC’s Head of Senior School, Ms Rebecca Watts

Ms Watts will commence as our Head of Senior School in Term 1 2020.

Rebecca feels very strongly about creating opportunities to motivate girls and to work with students to help them identify goals, celebrate achievements and focus on their own wellbeing. She is highly respected for the positive relationships she establishes with students and parents.

She is a passionate advocate of girls’ education and believes single-sex schools provide greater opportunities for young women to lead, challenge gender stereotypes, develop new skills and also offer a platform for girls to take calculated risks in a safe environment. 

Have a Question?

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