Welcome to PLC Perth

Welcome to PLC Perth and thank you for visiting our website, we are delighted you are interested in our School.

PLC Perth is a very special community; it’s a place where each girl is valued and supported to discover her talents and flourish in an increasingly complex world. We understand that each girl is unique, which is why we have adopted a personalised approach to all we do at PLC. Our girls are known by the staff and are valued for the unique gifts each one brings to our community.

Academically, PLC has consistently been one of Perth’s leading schools for decades; however, we realise a quality education involves far more. At PLC we are in the business of broadening horizons and building bright futures. As the only girls’ school in Perth to be an International Baccalaureate school, we teach the Australian Curriculum while supporting our girls to think globally. We have a team of staff who tracks each girl’s academic growth, ensuring we are supporting each girl to feel confident about her learning and to flourish academically.

As parents we want the very best for our children, we want them to feel good, function well and do good for others; this is PLC’s definition of wellbeing. Our state of the art Wellbeing Centre, the PLC Lighthouse which opens at the end of 2017, represents the College’s commitment to wellbeing. All students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 are taught skills to improve their resilience and to support them in an ever changing world. Our boarding students also have their own wellbeing programme, specifically designed for each year level.

In addition to supporting academic development and wellbeing, PLC boasts an outstanding community service programme. At PLC it is important to us that our girls learn to ‘be of service to others’ rather than simply ‘doing service’. We have specialist staff who facilitate opportunities for girls to be of service across our whole school.

As Principal, I could write at length about all the opportunities on offer at PLC; however, what I am most proud of is our amazing girls, they are the light of my every day. Our girls are passionate, humble, smart, fun-loving, courageous and most importantly caring. I love coming to work every day, as I get to spend my days with the most inspiring young women, whom I greatly admire.

It would be my privilege to welcome your daughter into our community; a community I am incredibly proud to lead. A PLC education is truly a gift for life, an opportunity to set your daughter up for the brightest future.

We would be delighted to take you on a tour of our campus so you can see for yourself how special our community is.

Dr Kate Hadwen