PLC has a long, rich history stretching back to 1915 when it was founded on the philosophies of nine influential, educated Presbyterian men.

These men, who placed a high value in a good education for women, were also the pillars of our community; moulding our values, moral standards and cultural history. From its first day, PLC delivered a quality education, just as it does today. Over time we have evolved to meet growing academic, sporting, musical, literary and myriad other needs of our students, and will continue – always striving for the best. The hard work of our Archivist, Historian and Curator as she recorded and preserved our history means we can look back and appreciate how far we have come, compare what has remained the same, and learn and be inspired by the people we can thank as our journey continues.


Archives is dedicated to collecting and preserving items related to PLC.

The Collection spans the entire history of PLC since its establishment in North Perth in 1915 and includes items related to Old Collegians, Principals, past staff, Council members, Founders, and the 2nd Cottesloe (PLC) Guide Company.

It comprises photographs, textiles, videos and DVDs, books, letters, reports, music recordings, oral histories, enrolment registers, plans, Kookaburras, trophies, Council minutes (restricted access) and local history resources.

The Photographic Collection, both physical and digital, is extensive and covers all aspects of the School throughout its history. A selection of digitised images is available on Flickr:

The Textile Collection comprises various items of uniform, Mrs Cusack¹s mortarboard and academic gown – even a beautiful, long, pink 1963 Prefects¹ Dance dress.

Please note our Collection is a reference collection, not for loan.

How can you help?

  • Donate: photographs, uniform items, badges, books (written or received as prizes by Old Collegians), trophies, reports and examples of class work (pre-1950s only).
  • Lend: If you would rather hold onto your original photos, please consider letting us scan them.
  • Share your memories: Please spare your time and share your memories with us to build our Oral History Collection.


PLC Centenary – 100 Years of Inspiring Women