Beach and River School

With an emphasis on hands-on learning and discovery, nature play provides numerous benefits to young people which is why PLC is thrilled to deliver the Beach and River School for Years 1 and 2 students from 2023 and beyond.

Together with their peers from our brother school, Scotch College, students enjoy outdoor classroom experiences and build resilience through connection to country, self, and community.

Through a variety of different pedagogical strategies such as singing, rhythm, nature calls, wondering circles, mapping, storytelling, and team building, students explore and learn in an unstructured way with time and freedom to let their imaginations run wild balanced by boundaries and guidelines to keep them safe.

Head of Junior School, Mrs Geraldine Drabble, believes that nature play fosters a sense of connection with nature, which can be a powerful source of inspiration and motivation and was the driving force in her decision to roll out this new programme. Delivered by Educated by Nature in conjunction with classroom teachers, the programme helps to build confidence, resilience, and independence as students make their own decisions and take risks.

“Research has shown that nature play increases physical activity, enhances creativity and problem-solving, and encourages empathy and social skills. In addition, it encourages children to be more aware of the environment and helps them to appreciate the natural world,” said Mrs Drabble.

“Most importantly, nature play can help to reduce stress and anxiety in children. Research shows that even a short period of time in nature can result in lower levels of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress.”


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