(Information and Learning Technologies Services) (Students)


The School provides Information and Learning Technologies (ILT), which includes hardware, software, communication, human resource services, and training and support for all members of the School community to deliver an excellent 21st century education.

The aim and purpose of the School ILT systems and resources is educational, to support schoolwork and research.


  • All users are responsible for legal, financial and other obligations resulting from their use of any ILT services.
  • The School requires that inappropriate/illegal software is not installed or downloaded onto computers or mobile devices that it provides for use by its students.
  • Users should be conservative with network downloads and only download data associated with their schoolwork.
  • Staff may check a school owned devices, including laptop or iPad, camera, media player, any storage devices, any mobile device, internet usage logs, email and other communication mediums at any time to ensure the spirit and intent of these policies is being complied with.
  • Students will adhere to and not attempt to bypass, alter or circumvent ILT Network, filtering, security polices or settings on systems or devices.
  • The School may at any time terminate, suspend or limit access to any ILT resource, including Internet access or e-mail.
  • All reasonable care must be taken when using, transporting and storing School ILT resources.
  • Users must report any malfunctions or damage to any ILT resource to a member of the ILT team as soon as possible.
  • Mobile phones should be used in compliance with the Mobile Phone Policy.
  • Staff and families are expected to cover the cost of repair where damage is deemed beyond ‘normal wear and tear’ as defined in The Device Fact Sheet.
  • In the case of damage to an ILT resource beyond ‘normal wear and tear’, payment of insurance excess or the replacement of the full cost of the item may be required as determined by the School.
  • Devices must only be used by the assigned user. School provided devices are not to be shared.

Digital Citizenship

  • Access to the School ILT systems and resources including the network, Internet access, on-line resources, e-mail and printing is a privilege and continued use depends on compliance with the School policies and rules.
  • Users will only access suitable, inoffensive or legal material.
  • All online communication between students, staff and parents should be via School provided services.
  • Online communication must be courteous and respect the privacy and dignity of others.
  • At no time should any user represent himself or herself as someone else.
  • Users will at all times respect the privacy and intellectual property of others.
  • Online communication must only represent people and organisations in a positive light.
  • Video and photographs may only be taken, distributed or used for classwork with the express permission of the subject and for the agreed intended purpose.
  • Inappropriate use of the network, Internet, e-mail or other communication mediums including social media sites may result in disciplinary action.