Farm2Fork has set the challenge to become a zero-waste event!

Great thought has gone into planning for the event to ensure that waste is minimised. Food waste and serve ware will be composted and all waste recycled. PLC students will monitor our efforts with our aim to ensure that nothing ends up in landfill.


Chef of the Year, Melissa Palinkas | Workshop

Melissa Palinkas, owner and chef of The Young George, is driven by a serious sustainability and “zero waste” ethos.

While she enjoys producing an innovative menu, Melissa runs a sustainable kitchen, making the best use of every part of vegetables and meats and minimising waste and plastic use. The trimmings of vegetables and meats are used in stock, and leftover vegetables are fermented or used for preserves.

She tries to reduce the carbon footprint of the kitchen by reducing the use of disposable plastics in her restaurant. Sauces are stored in recycled glass jars and she sends the restaurant’s own crates to suppliers to be filled with produce.

Melissa was named Chef of the Year by West Australian Good Food Guide last year!

For PLC Perth’s Make A Difference Week, Melissa will be running a workshop for students, showing them how to make some of her dishes and sharing with them her knowledge and passion for running a waste- wise restaurant that promotes local produce. 

Melissa will be cooking delicious Fremantle Octopus and local beef, slow cooked to perfection. At Farm2Fork, students will be reproducing the meals cooked with Melissa.

OzHarvest | Collection of Farm2Fork's Excess Food

With the help of OzHarvest, all excess food from Farm2Fork will be distributed to people in need across Perth.

Founded in 2004 by Ronni Kahn, OzHarvest is the leading food rescue organisation in Australia, collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it direct to charities who support people in need across Australia.

At previous Farm2Fork events, we have been able to donate salvaged food, which was redistributed to to homeless shelters, womens refuges and people in need across Perth.
OzHarvest volunteers will be on hand at Farm2Fork to talk about the fantastic work they do.


Millennium Kids | Transparent Bins at Farm2Fork

Farm2Fork has partnered up with Millennium Kids, a not-for-profit environmental youth organisation, to bring transparent rubbish bins to Fram2Fork.

For most people, once they lift the lid and throw their rubbish in the bin, their waste is out of sight, out of mind. It’s this mindset that we are hoping to challenge by putting rubbish bin contents on display.

Along with Millenium Kids, we hope that this will get people talking about ways to reduce the amount of waste produced.