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Helen (Year 11) is a Shortlisted Winner of the 2020 Somerset National Novella Writing Competition, with two entries making the shortlist: The Town-Savers and Full Moon Figs.

Tell us a little bit about your two entries

In The Town-Savers, five very different children are brought together by the plotting of an evil teacher. They team up in order to stop him from destroying their town by fracking. In Full Moon Figs, a group of children gather every full moon at their old primary school in order to gather Moreton Bay figs, which can be used as medicine to save lives. However, they have an enemy with an old teacher, who will stop at nothing to hinder them.

What inspired you to write these entries?

The Town-Savers started as five ‘first line prompts’, and I had the idea of creating five main characters, each inspired by one of those lines, that would come together to create an intertwined story. Full Moon Figs came from a creative writing course that I did, where I expanded on the original work. The idea came to me while I was riding by my old school, which has some very large Moreton Bay fig trees in the playground.

Do you have a genre that you like writing?

I really like writing fantasy and fiction because then I can make up characters and situations that are a lot better than real life. I also like the opportunity to write about stuff that isn’t exactly real, such as magic, and interesting creatures.

What do you love so much about reading and writing?

With reading, I love being able to escape to another world, and with writing, I enjoy using my imagination and being able to create my own stories. I am part of the Creative Writing Club run by Ms Cavallaro, and I have been mentored by Mr Roland Leach in his Creative Writing Programme since Junior School.

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