World’s Greatest Shave

Participating in the World’s Greatest Shave has been an annual event for PLC since 2016.  The World’s Greatest Shave is run by the Leukaemia Foundation to raise awareness, help fund research for a cure and to help provide financial support for those who need it.

This year, there will be a range of options for PLC Senior School students to participate in the event being held on Wednesday 15 March 2023:

  1. Years 7 – 10 have the opportunity to cut their hair at lunchtime
  2. Years 11 – 12 are invited to spectate or cut hair in the lunchtime activity (as above)
  3. Students can cut their hair at home and bring it to school on Wednesday 15 March
  4. PLC Years 11 – 12 are invited to join Scotch College Year 12 students after school at Scotch College to cut their hair.

You can join the PLC Team by clicking here.

Please direct queries to Linda Malone.

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