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Today we take you back to WWII (before the fall of Singapore in February 1942), when PLC entered an agreement with Hale School to house the children of (primarily) Dutch residents escaping from Batavia, Java, Singapore, Malaya and Borneo.

Many of these children arrived on their own, thrown by frantic parents onto the last ships leaving port.

With no news, the fate of many of these parents was not known until 1946. Then, sometimes years later, several girls were told they had lost at least one parent.

Although expelled from Australia by the government at the end of the war on the same ships that brought our troops home, the ties for these girls to PLC remains for many, to this day.

They have often described their years at PLC as the best years of their lives. Certainly it gave them stability and lifelong friendships in their worlds which had turned upside down.

PLC hosted around 50 girls, ranging in age, from seven to 19, including at least six sets of sisters.

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