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Time Travel Tuesday: 1975 Junior School Athletics

The Early Years’ Sports Carnival was held this morning, so we’ve decided to take you back to 1975 Junior School Athletics Carnival on Snowden Oval!

Neat rows of white sandshoes, balloons in House colours and bucket hats abound! Fidgety Kindy boys just wanting their run in the sun – good, orderly fun, overlaid with a strong passion for your own House to win!

Everyone shares a look of grit and determination as they throw themselves at high jumps and long jumps, hurtle over the hurdles, wait for the starting gun to signal a sprint, or take a turn to skip down the line.

Hair is done up in fat, shiny plaits, and bright, white ribbons adorn high ponytails and low pigtails. Even in those bloomers (in which no one could ever have been comfortable) they look adorable!

All of these gorgeous photos were taken for the 1975 Kookaburra, but only a handful made the print. How lucky we are that the negatives were kept, and are slowly being scanned, so we get to see the excitement of the day!

Some very familiar faces here, of girls and staff, including Kindergarten teacher Mrs Nancy Read, and dear Mrs Susette Morison (nee Gawler, later Stenhouse), who taught a generation of PLC girls and sadly passed away in July, aged 87.

Interesting too, to have a look beyond the hum and excitement in the foreground. Views of the School as it was then; Peppermint Grove’s old homes backing onto the lane, most of which are still there; some great old cars in the background; and the unimpeded view of the (then) fairly new Sunset complex a little to the north on Stirling Highway. And trees!

Contrary to the groovy poster (left) in which Snoopy said Stewart would excel, McNeil actually came first, followed by Carmichael, Ferguson … and then Stewart. (Only four Houses in those days.)

Looks like that was a really great day!

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