Presbyterian Ladies’ College aims to build a community where all members – students, parents and staff are able to communicate with integrity in an honest and respectful manner. The development of a partnership where all are valued, connected and informed are primary considerations.

Presbyterian Ladies’ College is committed to providing a range of communication options to parents, students and other community members alike, one of which is email communication. It acknowledges that it may not be possible on all occasions to meet the expectations indicated below. However they are provided as a guideline for both parents and students and other College community members.

Presbyterian Ladies’ College recognises that in a world of instant communication we are aware of the need to be available to our community and to provide information as it becomes available in the appropriate manner and timeframe.

Policy Statement

  • Presbyterian Ladies’ College aims to develop the girls’ independence, resilience and acceptance of responsibility for their own behaviour.
  • Presbyterian Ladies’ College expects students to seek assistance from staff themselves when an incident occurs. Presbyterian Ladies’ College promotes a culture of openness. We expect that parents will have discussed the issue of concern with their daughter before contacting the School and, where appropriate, that the student will be engaged in discussions.
  • The School Council trusts the professionalism and ability of its teaching and other staff to provide appropriate outcomes for each girl.
  • The School expects that staff and parents behave in a manner consistent with our Christian values of respect for others, courtesy and honesty, as well as demonstrating the attributes of the IB Learner Profile. E-mails or other communication that does not comply with formal protocols will only be acknowledged as having been received.
  • Communication with class teachers in the Junior School and with Year Co-ordinators in the Middle and Senior School is important and encouraged. However, staff have many duties which extend beyond the normal school day. During the School day they are expected to be principally engaged in teaching duties. Prior to the commencement of the school day, teachers will be engaged in lesson preparation and meeting and greeting students. Parent meetings must be scheduled to take account of the many other demands the School places on the time of the staff.
  • The School owes a duty to its staff to protect them from intimidatory, threatening or bullying behaviour in a verbal or written form. Staff are instructed to terminate such contact forthwith and to advise the Principal or Head of School.
  • Parents should not be communicating with their daughters during the school day. Should a message need to be conveyed, this should be communicated through the relevant Reception or Year Co-ordinator.
  • Any communication received by the school from parents as a response to a message from your daughter during the school day will not be responded to.
  • Parents are expected to uphold the values of the school when attending Presbyterian Ladies’ College cultural, sporting and social events.
  • Information relating to Curriculum Outlines, Assessments and Feedback may be found on Connect and accessed live as it comes to hand.
  • Presbyterian Ladies’ College does not have the expectation that staff will respond to emails after 5.00pm or on weekends. Presbyterian Ladies’ College staff shall endeavour to respond to emails within 2 working days.
  • All staff shall activate the ‘Out of Office’ tool with an appropriate response when taking a planned absence such as Professional Development, Long Service Leave, School Holidays or a Leave of Absence.


  • The first point of contact for Middle and Senior School parents should always be through the Year Co-ordinators. The Co- ordinators have voicemail and undertake to clear messages regularly and respond within a reasonable time during office hours. E-mail communication is to be directed through Year Co-ordinators, not to the class teacher.
  • The Year Co-ordinator will determine the appropriate persons to refer the issue, as well as the most suitable communication, be it by telephone, e-mail or a meeting.
  • The first point of contact for Junior School should be through the classroom teacher or specialist teacher as appropriate. They may be contacted by email or a message can be left at Junior School Reception. Staff will undertake to respond within a reasonable time during office hours. Teachers will advise if the matter should be referred on.
  • Parents may contact the Head of Junior School or other Junior School Leadership Team members during work hours in the same manner.

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