Fundraising activities at Presbyterian Ladies’ College serve one of the following purposes in line with the school’s core values:

  • Raising of funds for approved school service programmes
  • To support specific school learning outcomes for students
  • To support the service component of school tours
  • To support Presbyterian Ladies’ College Parent Support Groups and Old Collegian’s



Is a deliberate strategy to raise funds or other resources to support Presbyterian Ladies’ College purposes.

Donation or gifts

Is a gratuitous transfer of money, goods or services to a school or school representative that places no obligation on the school to provide anything in return to the donor.

The school may choose to acknowledge the gift in an appropriate manner.

The school is not required to enter in to an Agreement to accept a donation or gift.


Sponsorship is the purchase of the right to associate a sponsor’s name, products or services with a school in return for negotiated benefits. Sponsorship may be financial or in in-kind and may be subject to GST. All sponsorship discussions and agreements are between the School Principal and negotiating party.

Guidelines for fundraising activities

  • All fundraising activities must comply with relevant Legislative and Regulatory Acts.
  • All fundraising activities must have prior written approval from the Service-Learning Area of Presbyterian Ladies’ College. Exception is Parent Support Groups and Old Collegians who need approval via Community Relations.
  • All fundraising events on school grounds need a minimum of two weeks written notice using the Event Management and Fundraising forms, with approvals from various departments required prior to event progressing.
  • All fundraising activities must be aligned to other PLC policies.
  • All fundraising activities must adhere to healthy options guidelines and relevant health policies including but not limited to allergy and anaphylaxis. All food purchased for fundraising activities must have approval through the Principals office.
  • All funds collected will be banked through PLC fundraising GL1333, via Lighthouse reception.


Updated 8 July 2019