Years 1 to 2 – iPad with AppleCare+
Years 3 to 4 – iPad with AppleCare+ and Apple Pencil
Years 5 to 6 – iPad Air with AppleCare+ and Apple Pencil
Years 7 to 12 – MacBook Air with AppleCare+


PLC provides a high quality support experience that includes:

1. Tech Centre is available for escalation of software and all hardware issues.

2. Online resources

    • which provides access to all school Online services and  resources including SEQTA, Calendar, Co-curricular information, absentees links, Library and ClickView,  and Press Reader.
    • Seqta for students and Seqta for parents which includes student timetables, house points, upcoming assessments and results.
    • PLC App, Junior School Seesaw.

3. Software

    • Self-service software download centre or app store where students download the resources they require for their device.

4. Apple Certified Onsite technician for repairs, with most completed within 24 hours and loan devices if required.

5. Learning Technology (Integration) Specialist

    • parent workshops
    • individual parent appointments
    • small group training for software and technical issues
    • Student and parent orientation sessions


The School provides devices to students, which are assigned on a two (2) year rotation (term).  Fees are as listed in the current Fee Schedule.  If a student arrives part-way through a rotation, they will receive the same model device as their peers.

Devices need to be in a condition for sale at the conclusion of the two-year term allowing for fair wear and tear to achieve fair market value (please refer below for guidelines).  Any reduction to the fair market value will be charged to your Fee Account.

Throughout the duration of the term, devices need to be kept in good working order and may be subject to repair if damaged.


AppleCare+ for MacBook Air includes up to two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to an Apple Care+ Fee.

AppleCare+ for iPad includes up to two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to an Apple Care+ Fee.


Loss or damage to peripherals such as the Apple power adapter or the Apple pencil will incur a charge. Please return damaged items, as there are reduced charges for exchange items.


We encourage families to note the PLC device on their home and contents insurance, to reduce excess costs. There must be a valid accepted claim for insurance to apply. You are expected to abide by the decision to accept or deny a claim and indemnify the School.

Excess: $500 (applies to non-liquid, damage non-warranty, lost or stolen with Police Report) on first claim, full replacement cost on a subsequent claim within a two-year rotation.

Excess Exclusions

Catastropic physical damage caused by liquid or food spills will be charged at cost for parts, or if beyond repair the excess charge will be 50% of the replacement cost of the device. Apple Care + does not cover catastrophic damage.


  • Anywhere in Western Australia
  • International or interstate insurance coverage is for school directed trips only. Written confirmation must be obtained from the Tech Centre to have international or interstate insurance coverage activated.
  • Insurance coverage is NOT provided for personal or family holidays.


  • Fire, theft and accidental loss or damage to the equipment.
    • Accidental damage is physical damage, which occurs as a result of a sudden, unforeseen and/or unexpected event.
    • Theft includes forcible entry into buildings / residences and ‘taking’ by force, intimidation or physical confrontation.
    • Loss in transit, unless left unattended in a public place or vehicle.


  • Theft when left unattended in public areas, including motor vehicles, and reasonable precautions (i.e. left in supervision of responsible person) have not been taken to safeguard the Device.
  • Damage or loss as a result of negligence, fraud or not meeting reasonable duty of care responsibilities.
  • Damage as a result, or during air, sea or train travel unless the items are carried as personal cabin luggage.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Damage caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, heat, corrosion, contamination, pollution, animal or temperature variations.
  • Acts of terrorism and normal policy exclusions in relation to war, invasion.

Required Care

  • Always use a PLC provided case, clamshell or cover.
  • Do not drink or have liquids near device.
  • Never leave device in a vehicle.
  • Never leave device unattended in a public place, including playing fields or carparks.
  • When travelling always carry the device as hand luggage.
  • The device must be with the student or in a locked locker or classroom, while at school.


  • Operating, software and physical damage to hardware should be taken to the Tech Centre, located in the Senior School (lower Library) or the Junior/Middle School Library.
  • Incident Claim forms may need to be completed.
  • Loan devices will be available and will be subject to the same terms and conditions as this agreement.

Guidelines in relation to ‘fair wear and tear’

(a)  Must be suitable for condition of re-sale without diminishing the value below the normal fair market value for an asset of similar age and make.

(b)   Example of normal wear and tear, include and are not limited to:

  1. Light scratches on device casing
  2. Light wear on device palm rests
  3. Faded lettering on keys
  4. Slight plastic colour fading

(c)   Example of normal wear and tear would NOT include and are not limited to:

  • Missing keys;
  • Cracked or bent casing, screen, frame or lid;
  • Broken hinges or latches that do not close;
  • Non-removable stickers / labels;
  • Etching, excessive scratching and abnormal markings.
  • Pressure patches, burns and scratches on screens.
  • Major equipment discolouration, paint – including liquid paper, blood or radioactive substances requiring more light cleaning for safe handling and process for re-sale.
  • System does not boot up or systems passwords that prohibit diagnostic level program execution or testing
  • Removal of serial number identification / product tags.
  • Loss or damage of the Apple power adapter.

(d)   Damage that disfigures the device from its normal appearance and function would be deemed to diminish the value compared to a model of equal age and make without disfigurement.


Updated 10 September 2021