Student Behaviour

The appropriate behaviour of students travelling on the bus is important to ensure the safety of all students and the driver. Therefore, a set of bus rules has been developed to guide the behaviour of all students.

Seat belts are fitted to Presbyterian Ladies’ College buses. These must be worn at all times and it is the passengers’ responsibility to do so. The bus driver may not commence travel until all seat belts are fastened.

Students are expected to avoid distracting the driver by:

  • Never placing arms or head out of a window.
  • Not making lots of noise – this can worry the driver.
  • Not turning on radios/musical devices, unless they are fitted with earphones.
  • Not standing up in a moving bus – the driver’s view of the traffic may be blocked.
  • Unless necessary, avoid talking to the driver whilst the bus is moving.
  • Not standing up until the bus has stopped moving: a student may fall and be seriously injured. Not pushing others or rushing when entering or leaving the bus.

Students are expected to:

  • Sit quietly in their seat and keep their School bag on their lap or put it under the seat.
  • Bags must not be left where other people can trip over them.
  • Keep food and drinks in their bag until they get off the bus. Don’t litter on the bus and never throw things out of the windows.

Repairs to buses are expensive. It is the responsibility of parents to pay for any wilful damage that is caused to the bus.

After alighting from the bus, students must not step off the kerb until the bus has moved off from the bus stop, as they may not be seen by other vehicles which are passing.