PLC adheres to a number of School Policies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students and in providing them with an education of excellence.

Please download our policies below:

Acceptable Use Policy

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Policy

Asthma Management Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance At School Policy

Bus Travel Policy (students)

College Code of Conduct

Counselling Services Policy (students)

Cyber Safety Policy – download

Device Fact Sheet 2019 – download

Drugs – illicit (student use of) Policy – download

Fundraising Policy (students) – download

Grievance / Complaints Policy (students) – download

Head Lice Policy – download

Inclusive Learning Policy – download

Information & Learning Technology (ILT) Policy – download

Mobile Phones (student use of) Policy – download

Parent School Communications Policy – download

Responsible Behaviour Policy – download

Smoking (students) Policy – download

Sun Protection (students) Policy – download

Our Child Safety Code of Conduct – download


To send feedback, or to lodge a grievance or complaint, please email