Nikki Records Podcast with Ukrainian Ambassador

“I have always had an interest in international relations and politics. Studying Global Politics with peers from Scotch College has given me the opportunity to expand my curiosity and create opportunities from it, such as interviewing Ambassador Vasyl Myroshnychenko,” – Year 11 Global Politics student, Nikki. 

Last week, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia, Hon Vasyl Myroshnychenko sat down with Year 11 Global Politics student, Nikki and Scotch College student Xavier to record a podcast discussing the strategic aspects of the invasion and pathways to peace.

The podcast platform Nikki records with Xavier is called ‘Political Pulse’ where they converse with world-leading experts about the current political climate across the world.

“During the podcast, we discussed various dimensions of the ongoing Ukraine humanitarian crisis and the significant role international factors play in the conflict. We also discussed the shifting nature of Ukrainian identity during this crisis,” Nikki said.

“Through this interview, I learned the value of diplomacy in fostering relationships with other states and how international co-operation is a tool to consolidate peace in contemporary global politics.”

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