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Rain, hail or shine – PLC Perth students will soon have the opportunity to learn about the weather!

Weather@PLC is a remote weather station that has the capacity to track current and historical weather data and was funded by PLC Parents at the end of 2019.

PLC Parents funds projects via the Term Fee Draw which add value to the educational, spiritual, physical or social development of students and the School, not normally available for funding through the School budget.

PLC Director of Library, Innovation and Learning Technologies, Doug de Kock, said that the study of weather and our climate was embedded throughout Geography and Science in both the Junior and Senior School curriculum.

Weather@PLC will also support Radio PLC by facilitating a co-curricular programme on weather and provide our weather ‘team’ with real-time weather data.

“The weather station is now up and running and our students will be able to see current weather conditions, including temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction.”

“They will be also be able to track weather trends and monitor solar radiation,”  Mr de Kock said.

Readings from the weather station are taken every 15 minutes and PLC is currently working on a public web interface that will present this data live to the PLC Community.

You will be able to access it via in the near future.

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