Holistic, personalised teaching techniques form the foundation of inquiry learning in the PLC Junior School.

Our students discover their personal talents, passions and character with the assistance of specialists along with their classroom teacher.
Our PLC Junior School is unique as it offers:

  • Delivery of the Australian Curriculum through a world-renowned framework – The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme
  • Daily French and Music lessons (Early Years)
  • A ‘Wild Space’ education program run on the banks of the beautiful Swan River
  • Wellbeing programmes for students and families
  • Extensive co-curricular programmes
  • A range of inclusive provisions and practices valuing and supporting exceptionality and diversity.


Learning is visible, collaborative and personally owned by each student. Our students are taught to understand themselves as learners and encouraged to take responsibility for their academic progress. Their learning is informed by timely feedback, ongoing assessment and self-reflection. Student choice, flexible grouping options and the provision of a range of challenges build confidence and develop courage.


Wellbeing is deliberately activated and supported through a variety of programmes where students understand that they are active and responsible members of a dynamic community. Growth and identity of students is enhanced by the degree of resilience, perseverance and commitment they develop. We believe a culture of learning through failure is as important as a culture of success. Therefore, opportunities are provided for students to take risks with confidence in a caring environment. Through a process of risk assessment, students are enabled to be their best selves; physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.