Our specialised staff have developed programmes for our youngest students that invite curiosity, wonder, imagination and most importantly a love for learning.

The PLC Early Learning Centre caters for both boys and girls in Pre-Kindergarten to Pre-Primary. Our approach is to discover, recognise and respond to the individual child’s strength, passions and contributions. Children each have their own stories to tell and are respected as being fully formed right now rather than in a state of ‘becoming’. Habits of minds are cultivated and thinking is extended. Boundaries, structures and routines are provided to optimise childhood. Our programme is specifically designed to engage students in authentic learning for sustained periods of time. In this way students feel valued as a unique being in the process of discovering themselves.

The development of curiosity and creativity encourages new possibilities and knowledge, building on what your child knows, understands and can do. The International Baccalaureate inquiry-based approach, and the Early Years Learning Framework, informs our teaching and learning programme, and our environment.

Our nature playscapes offer maximum opportunity for learning outdoors inclusive of appropriate levels of risk and challenge. Through play in this environment, children are empowered to learn independently, as well as collaboratively alongside their teachers and peers. By engaging children through questioning, wonderings and play in authentic settings, children develop personal direction, self-autonomy and choice.