Our dedicated team of Learning Co-ordinators across the entire School is further evidence of the individual focus on every ME@PLC.

The Director of Learning (Pre K – 12) leads a team of seven educational experts who monitor each girl’s individual progress from a holistic perspective. Learning Co-ordinators in each year group inform the teaching and learning through the early identification of academic concerns. The team runs a programme of age-appropriate study skills throughout the School, supporting girls to take control of their learning. Students can access academic support before school and after school from staff and past students in our ‘Learning Hub’.

Junior School
The Junior School Learning Co-ordinator works with the Deputy Head of Junior School to track the academic growth of each girl from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6. The Junior School has data from Years 2-5 from the AGAT, a general ability test. In Years 3 and 5 the girls complete the NAPLAN, the data from which is used to assist the academic development of each girl. The Junior School also uses the PATR and the PATM to monitor academic progress. Other data pieces will also be used to form a picture of the whole child. The Learning Coordinator will work closely with the Junior School Wellbeing and Service Co-ordinator, the classroom teacher, the Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator and the Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator to ensure each student in the Junior School reaches their full potential.

Senior School
The six Learning Co-ordinators in the Senior School track data from all standardised tests along with school-based assessments, grades, effort grades and wellbeing and pastoral care data. They work with a team of Year Co-ordinators, Wellbeing and Service Co-ordinators, the Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator, the Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator in the Senior School and the classroom teachers to ensure each girl in the Senior School reaches her full academic potential. The Learning Co-ordinators are the first point of contact for academic needs in the Senior School.

The benefits of this programme include early identification of academic needs and a level of personalisation that ensures the monitoring and provision of support and services to each girl when it is needed.