At PLC the culture of academic excellence is, in part, achieved through the evidence-based identification of the learning needs of each girl.

Our focus on academic tracking provides every girl the opportunity for scholastic growth. At PLC we understand that all girls need support to ensure that they can achieve academic excellence. This personalised approach to Academic Tracking, which supports all girls, has three aims:

  • To know and understand every girl’s academic profile.
  • To highlight and support academic areas that can be strengthened.
  • To build academic confidence and resilience by assisting every girl to understand and drive their own learning.

Each girl’s academic progress is individually monitored. A designated team of Learning Co-ordinators provides each girl the opportunity to develop into an independent, responsible and self-motivated thinker. This is achieved through the sequential development of cross discipline study skills and an extensive age-appropriate tutorial system available to support all students.

Targeted Study Skills Development

The aim of the programme is to have PLC students access key information on study skills in as many different ways as possible: face-to-face from an expert presenter, online (via the online study skills programme and social media), articles and tips in school newsletters, and from Learning Co-ordinators (through the delivery of short lessons). Our unique programme is targeted to the needs of each year group.

Year 7 Study Skills:

  • How and why to use a diary
  • Using your school timetable
  • The difference between homework and study
  • Snack study v Binge Study
  • Simple study techniques
  • Getting organised

Year 8 Study Skills:

  • Setting up your study space
  • Using your school diary
  • Understanding memory and its limitations
  • Memory techniques and study strategies
  • Eating for optimal brain power

Year 9 Study Skills:

  • Maximising class time
  • Taking effective notes
  • Assignment support
  • Goal setting
  • Music and study
  • Organisation strategies

Year 10 Study Skills:

  • Developing the right mindset
  • The myth of multitasking
The psychology of motivation
  • The power of focus
Managing time, energy, and attention
How to motivate yourself to study at any time

Year 11 Study Skills:
Session One – Year 11 Transitions

  • Transitioning to upper school
  • Developing grit (resilience)
  • Growth mindset versus fixed mindset
  • Active study strategies
Setting up your study space
  • Writing strategies

Session Two – Exam Hacks: Strategies for Study Success

  • Strategies to help you get motivated
  • Making information memorable
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • What to do the morning of an exam
  • What to do in the exam
  • What to do after each exam
  • Brain boosting tips

Year 12 Study Skills:

  • Study strategies
  • Exam techniques
  • Avoiding the comparison trap
Finding motivation for the final few months of school