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PLC’s remarkable Outdoor Education programme stands out from the rest; guided and influenced by Dr Michael Ungar’s idea of ‘The Risk Taker’s Advantage’, a notion that too much safety with too little risk leaves children unprepared for life.

From Years 3 to 10, PLC girls are immersed into various Outdoor Education programmes that are age-specific; designed to provide opportunities for students to challenge themselves, and guide them on a journey to discover and improve essential skills necessary for their age.

On a journey of self-discovery, last year’s Year 10 students travelled to Ningaloo in the north-west coastal region of Western Australia.

The Year 10 expedition-style programmes are specifically designed to develop the key areas of empathy, resilience and self-efficacy. Students are encouraged to problem-solve and to take ownership of the expedition by the end of the six-day trip. In small teams, students take turns to lead for a day. This, combined with discussions centered on leadership and followership, enable students to explore what it means to be a team, both as a leader and a team member.

‘Understanding what it means to be a leader and what it means to be a team member, as well as the capability to be fluid in moving from one to the other, are critical skills required in careers today.’ Director of Outdoor Education, Ms. Ellen Barker explains.

More than thirty Year 10 girls participated in the programme; discovering the spectacular reef and animal life through kayaking, snorkeling and walking. Students also had the chance to explore the ancient gorges and learn about local history.

Outdoor Education teacher, Brad Allen considers it extremely important for students to develop their friendships and know how to grow as a team.

“The aim of this expedition is for students to gain a deeper understanding of their peers and learn how to progress as a team”, said Brad Allen.

Year 11 student, Ashley found that she developed her friendships through the programme.

“At this age, we really rely on friendships and in a place like Ningaloo, where we are all trying new things and being challenged together, you really build up those friendships”.

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