1. Take Care of Yourself

  • Self care is especially important when you have a big demand in your life – that way you have the energy to commit to what you need to accomplish.
  • Build activities you enjoy and that bring your stress levels down into your study plan, such as sport, spending time with friends, internet, etc.
  • Don’t get hungry before or while studying. Grab nutritional snacks that keep you going, such as fruit/nuts/dairy, etc.
  • Remember to get some exercise every day as this helps you to keep focused and energetic.

2. Use the PLC Lighthouse Building

  • Take a walk down to the Lighthouse building and relax / recharge in the custom-built Recharge Room. Borrow a pair of headphones and listen to the audio provided.
  • Join a Lighthouse class, such as Yoga to help you create a positive mind frame and develop mindfulness and a sense of calm.

3. Visit the ‘Bubble Station’

Did you know that blowing bubbles forces you to stop what you’re doing and focus on breathing, which can help lower anxiety levels? This is why we have provided a Bubble Station for all the students to use. Make sure you check it out!

4. Stay focused

  • Make sure you are prioritising school and health.
  • When studying, switch your phone and email off to stop the distractions.

5. Keep Things in Perspective

  • When starting to get over whelmed, remember exams are not the end of everything. Look at them as more of a challenge which you will get through.
  • Exams don’t define you as a person or your ability, you have a lot more to offer than just academic knowledge.
  • After each exam, take 30 minutes to unwind and celebrate doing your best.
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