Students Become Staff at PLC Lighthouse:
A chat with new staff members, Izzy, Amelia and Sahara

“It does feel a bit weird right now – the adjustment from being a student to a staff member will take a little bit of time,” says Year 12, Amelia. “Having just started, people don’t know that you’re working there, so you don’t really want to tell them what to do!”

Amelia, Issy and Sahara were the first of eight boarding girls to work the PM shift as Administrative Assistants at the Lighthouse last week.

The girls will be responsible for a range of administrative tasks that will vary depending on the time of day.

“If we’re rostered on for the morning shift before school, we’ll have to go around and turn everything on and make sure everything is set up for the day ahead”, says Sahara. “For the afternoon shift there are lots of the younger kids running around, so we’ll be looking after them, making sure they come across from the Junior School safely, and sorting them out with their different classes.”

Izzy says that one of the good things about the application process was that it made her gain experience that will be useful once she graduates.

“When the job was first advertised we were told we needed a CV and a cover letter. The Lighthouse sent us templates to work from, which was really good because most of the girls applying didn’t actually have a CV and were pretty much starting from scratch. We were also given suggestions on things to include in our cover letters, so that was really helpful.”

Sahara says the girls were also required to undergo training courses as part of the process.

“We had to do a lot of things like first aid, food safety, and get our working with children check. It was a pre-requisite of the job, which is good, because now we all have these qualifications for future jobs as well.”

Applicants also completed asthma and anaphylactic training courses.

Year 12 boarder, Amelia, says the prospect of working in such a positive environment was something that made her apply for the position.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to work in such a positive space such as the PLC Lighthouse”.

Director of Wellbeing, Chonny James, says the new initiative benefits everyone involved. “It’s a cycle…it all connects. When the girls are invested in the Lighthouse, it’s good for the Lighthouse, but it’s also good for them.

It’s a great opportunity for us to learn from each other. We’re really looking forward to having the girls as part of our team.”

You can visit the newest staff members in action before and after school, Monday to Friday during term.

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