Random Acts of Kindness are simple, non-premeditated actions designed to offer kindness to others.

Random Acts of Kindness become contagious, improving one’s mood and likelihood to pay the good deed forward by creating a positive feedback loop as it boosts levels of serotonin, energy and oxytocin; otherwise known as the “love hormone,” which works to lower blood pressure and improve one’s over-all heart-health.

The PLC community recognises the importance of kindness and its significant impact on an individual’s health and wellbeing. It doesn’t matter whether you are the receiver or giver of kindness, there are positive impacts for both.

Get Inspired

We encourage you to enfuse some kindness in your community! Here are some different ways you can give kindness:

  1. Leave positive sticky notes.
  2. Write a thank you letter.
  3. Leave a surprise in a neighbour’s letter box.
  4. Leave a surprise in a Library Book.
  5. Make a new friend.
  6. Pay for someone’s drink.
  7. Open the door for someone.
  8. Cook a meal or bake for someone.
  9. Give something away.
  10. Free hugs!

For more ideas visit Random Acts of Kindness

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