Meet Nicole Agar, one of PLC’s Senior School Psychologists. We asked Nicole a few questions to get to know her better!

Nicole has over 20 years experience as a Registered Psychologist and has worked in both private and public schools, locally and overseas.

“As a former PLC student, I am truly grateful for the warm welcome I have received back into the school and the opportunity to support students in an environment I am so fondly familiar with”.

As a Senior School Psychologist, Nicole is based in the Lighthouse three days per week. Her focus is on assisting girls in Years 7 – 9 to maximise their mental health and wellbeing and achieve their goals here at school and beyond.

Who inspires you most?

A close friend was involved in a critical farm incident several years ago. He suffered near fatal injuries and was told by medical specialists he would never walk again. Witnessing his determination and positive mindset shape his recovery journey has been truly awe inspiring and he now lives a very meaningful life. This has prompted me to realise the importance of being grateful for all that surrounds us. As such, I am committed to engaging in a healthy lifestyle by exercising in nature and enjoying the outdoors, treasuring family time and social connectedness and ‘getting on with life’. As a mother of young daughters, I am passionate about both ‘being in the moment’ and enabling our young women to embrace all that is possible for them through a growth mindset.

What is the best part of your job?

Empowering the wonderful students of PLC  to become the best versions of themselves and to encourage them to implement small changes to develop mental fitness and healthy habits for lifelong wellbeing. I love working with the energised team at the Lighthouse in an environment that promotes wellbeing ideals that reflect my own.

What areas are you currently exploring in your professional life which you can incorporate into your work at PLC?

I’ve always been fascinated by the interaction between the brain, the mind and the body. As such, I have recently enjoyed learning more about the evolution of the mind-gut connection and its impact on health and wellbeing. I also enjoy newer approaches to western psychology such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and I incorporate these techniques into my work practice, making them accessible for students in everyday living. Furthermore, I have an interest in art therapy and I look forward to sharing the benefits of art therapy with the students across 2019.


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