Meet the Team – Lucy Palmer

Meet Lucy, one of the Year 12 PLC Boarders working at the Lighthouse. Lucy started boarding in Year 9, after starting at PLC as a day girl in Year 7. She is originally from Brisbane, but her parents currently live in Colorado, USA.

We asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

Where do you call home?

I’m not really sure how to answer that!

I moved around a lot as a child, living in six different cities and attending four different schools. We moved from Brisbane to Perth in 2011, but my two older sisters stayed at at their school and became boarders in Brisbane, where they both still live now. Four years ago, my parents moved to Denver, Colorado in the US, which is where they are based now.

Who inspires you and why?

My parents inspire me the most, they are both kind, giving people. Always putting others before themselves, and with four kids spread across Australia and a ‘home base’ in America, they seem to make it work. Mum and Dad are always there for my siblings and me when we need them most, and will drop everything to be with us.

They are both hard-working, dedicated people, who have made our complicated family lifestyle not only work, but feel like the most fun and exciting journey, and something i wouldn’t change for the world.

What do you have planned for the holidays?

Because my family is a bit all over the place, we have booked a family holiday in Hawaii as kind of a half-way point to meet up and spend time together. My Dad will fly over from Denver and my Mum, my siblings and I will meet him in Honolulu. We’ll spend ten days there, just relaxing on the beach and catching up, before heading back to Australia for the rest of the holidays.

How are you enjoying working at the Lighthouse?

I’m really enjoying working at the Lighthouse so far. It’s been great getting to know the staff and even other boarding students better. We are always given different tasks and jobs to do, which keeps it interesting and exciting, and there’s always such a positive atmosphere about the place. It’s a really lovely working environment.

What do you enjoy most about being a Year 12 student at PLC?

The thing I enjoy most about being a year 12 student at PLC is all the excitement behind everything. Everyone is making the most out of their last year at school.

What would you like to be doing next year? 

Next year I plan on going to university either in WA or in Queensland with my sisters. I will be going to college no matter where I study so that I can adapt into the university life and meet more people from a variety of places. I still haven’t made up my mind yet as to what I will study, still deciding between two very different pathways of either business or primary teaching.

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